Household junk collection

10 September 2020

Large bulky waste pile on the street

We understand that getting rid of furniture, old equipment and other household items can be challenging, and so have partnered with service providers to offer household junk collection in your community.

This service will be free for most items, with protocols in place to ensure adherence to social distancing norms and guidelines.

Types of collectible items (for free collection):

  • Home and garden furniture, all types of toys and puzzles, kitchenware.
  • Exercise equipment, home electronics and all types of home appliances.
  • Soft furnishings like curtains and rugs and strollers, scooters and bicycles.

Types of items that will be charged:

  • Green waste, broken wood/glass, construction waste, extremely damaged/ broken/sun-damaged furniture, sofas, mattresses and partitions: charge of AED 200-350 per trip.

You can arrange for collection by reaching out to any of the below service providers:

Take My Junk800 JUNK (5865)
Remove My Junk055 549 1122