Dubai Marina Squash Tournament 2019

20 September 2019

The annual Dubai Marina Squash Tournament took place at Marina Promenade’s squash arena on 20 September 2019, as 17 competitors from all over Dubai Marina arrived to claim the trophy. Friends and family cheered on the players as the courts were riddled with the exuberant shouts and slams of rubber meeting wood.

After an intense series of opening rounds, Dean and Rafi battled their way through to the finals, setting the stage for a memorable clash. Overcoming an early setback in the first game, Dean came back in blistering fashion to win the next two games 11/0 and 11/5 to mark his victory and lift the trophy.

With the tournament concluded, players left their rivalries on the court and congratulated one another on their performances, before enjoying refreshments that included an array of sweets, rotis and chicken dishes.

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