iREPORT has been very well received by our residents as the testimonials on the following page show. It's become an increasingly popular and efficient way in which to communicate and work together as a true community.

"I have been assisted in a very professional, caring and supportive way during a situation which could have been much more difficult without their help. In a city where people are quick to criticize, I would like to highlight the fantastic way that the team assisted me during a personally challenging time."
Natalie Hollyman 

"I am SO impressed by your prompt action.  My colleagues in the office, who cycle to work, are also thrilled.  This is much safer and more convenient for all of us."
R Grewal

"We have enjoyed excellent level of customer service from your side, in helping us with alteration approvals as well as with allocation of the storage cages."
Vikram Bhagdev

“This is excellent. I am proud to be living in a community with such a responsive management team. Thank you.”
Jason Kiszonak

“I can confirm that the issue has been resolved and the machine is restored to full functionality. So far I'm impressed at the efficiency with which community maintenance issues are resolved using iREPORT!”
Miles Miller

“Thank you for the prompt response and the action that you have taken. I am pleasantly surprised at the speed! Thank you once again.”
Wisam Amid