Pool safety

Splashing around the swimming pool is a great way to have fun but please remember to make safety your priority to protect your children and others around the water – anyone can have a water-related accident – even children and adults who know how to swim. Here are some useful tips to help you and your little ones stay safe:

Swim safe

  • Never – even for a moment – leave babies or children alone or in the care of another child, while in or near pools, spas, or wading pools – or near bathtubs, lakes, irrigation ditches or other open bodies of water
  • Remember, an infant can drown in just one inch of water – so make sure the supervising adult is always within arm’s length of the child with their full attention focused on them at all times
  • The supervising adult should not be engaged in distracting activities, such as talking on a telephone, socialising or tending to household chores
  • Supervising adults should make sure they do not leave any pool toys in the water as a child could fall in while trying to retrieve them
  • Toddlers, youngsters with an intellectual disability and children with seizure disorders are particularly vulnerable to drowning, but all youngsters are in danger if unsupervised in or near water
  • Even a child who knows how to swim may drown a few feet from safety
  • Consuming alcohol at a public swimming pool is against the law

    • Getting into a swimming pool having consumed alcohol is not only a risk to you; it could be a risk to others, so refrain from consuming alcohol and using a pool

Remember, children should be supervised at all times.

Happy healthy swimming!

We all share the water we swim in, and each of us needs to do our part to help keep ourselves, our families, friends and neighbours healthy. So, in addition to our own cleaning and maintenance regime, here are some tips for you to help prevent the spread of germs when using your swimming pool and its facilities:

  • Before you go swimming, consider your health! If you have any illness or infection (such as a cold, sore throat, athlete’s foot or diarrhoea), please don’t spread it around; once you are better, you can use the pool again
  • Visit the bathroom before you use the pool!
  • Take children on bathroom breaks every 60 minutes or check diapers every 30 to 60 minutes
  • Change diapers in the bathroom or a diaper-changing area and not at the poolside, where germs can get into the water
  • Wash your hands after using the toilet or changing diapers
  • Shower with soap before you start swimming (then rinse yourself under the shower at the pool before you swim)
  • Don't swallow the water you swim in

Enjoy the swimming pool and stay well!