What happens if you don’t pay

Your community boasts a strong collection rate, one of the highest in the emirate. However, there are still a few homeowners who delay their payment, which ultimately affects the wider community as well as simply being unfair to those who pay promptly. If you continue to default on your payments, we may be forced to take one or all of the following actions:

  • suspension of non-emergency services to your property 
  • levying of a Late Payment Fee – set at 1% per month of the outstanding amount 
  • denial of services including non-issuance of NOC for transfer of property, visa renewal, access cards etc 
  • referral of the case to a professional debt recovery agency 
  • initiation of legal action

As stated in the Sales and Purchase Agreement, payment of the CSF in full and on time is the obligation of every homeowner. Delay / non-payment of the CSF has the potential to deprive your community of the funds required to continue the supply of essential services such as common area maintenance, air-conditioning, security, waste collection, street lighting and irrigation. Whilst we make financial provision to cover every contingency, timely payment of the CSF is vital to uphold the high standard of living you expect in your community.

Note: Revenue generated from Late Payment Fees is included in your community’s income

For information, please contact communities@ecm.ae