Each of our communities boasts a healthy Community Service Fee collection rate and one of the strongest collection rates in the emirate.

However, the team does not rest there but goes on to adopt a robust policy to claim overdue payments, thus ensuring recovery of collectables is made at the earliest possible time.

CSF defaulter awareness campaigns, as well as the suspension of non-essential services such as access cards and waste collection, have proved useful measures in boosting the collection of outstanding dues. In some cases, debt collection specialists have been appointed to supplement our actions.

As stated in the Sales and Purchase Agreement, payment of the CSF in full and on time is the obligation of every homeowner. Failure to comply will result in the addition of a Late Payment Fee (LPF). Late / non-payment of the CSF has the potential to deprive the community of the funds required to continue the supply of essential services such as common area maintenance, air-conditioning, security, waste collection, street lighting and irrigation. Whilst we make financial provision to cover every contingency, timely payment of the CSF is vital to uphold the high standard of living residents expect in their community.